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Yoga Therapy 

Overcome pain, arthritis & more

Online Course
One on One

About Dayna - Your Instructor

After spending 25 years in the medical sales industry, traveling from one office to the next, I started to develop chronic back pain that just never went away. I've always been a gym rat, and tried a number of different exercises to try and overcome the aches and pains. Nothing worked, until I tried yoga therapy. After experiencing the benefits of yoga therapy first hand and successfully eliminating my back pain, I knew I had to help others overcome their chronic pain.

Yoga Therapy

Offered online & on-demand

Back Pain

We correct postural deviations that might contribute to back pain.  I have additional training in treating scoliosis and postural pain.  

Joint Pain & Arthritis

Lubricating the joints is done early on in every session. We prepare the joints through precise movement to distribute synovial fluid. 

Digestive Disorders

Our gut changes as we age, becoming more sensitive to our thinking and eating patterns. Through breath, meditation, and motion, we can create a less sluggish gut

Heart Disease

Heart disease can be hereditary or a reaction to lifestyle.  Reducing blood pressure through a gentle yoga practice is more than just movement.  Patterned thinking can be altered through breath and meditation.   Together, we move towards a more healing, parasympathetic state. 


Where regular work-outs propel you to work out but may leave you starving and depleted, post yoga bliss creates a calm.  You will feel less inclined to need fast food or drink because of greater body awareness.

And More

Speed up Injury recovery (post physical therapy), reduce age related weakness or stiffness, correct poor posture, and more!

Benefits of Yoga Therapy

Live Classes

Virtual Classes

“When you authentically express yourself, your thoughts, your moods, your quirks, others may try to imitate you, but you are uniquely you.  You are expressing Satya.  You are expressing Truth”.

- Dayna Culwell

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