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I entered the yoga field to transition from 25 years of mental health pharmaceutical sales with Bristol-Myers Squibb.  Yoga has had a profound impact on my ability to be more aware and more present in my space.  It is the first activity that nurtured my scoliotic spine.  Eight years into teaching and my back is grateful for the slow moving back strengtheners.  After 200 hours of yoga instruction and getting my certificate to teach, I trailblazed through another 1,000 hours of Yoga Therapy training. 

At the same time, I achieved additional certifications in Personal Fitness Training and Water Aerobics Instruction.  When Covid struck, I used the newly available time to study detailed anatomy through a Thai Yoga Instructor/Anatomy & Physiology training program called Coaching the Body, with Chuck Duff, the instructor.  I also continue to study with a Movement Therapist, Linda Lack, PhD, and Yoga Therapist, out of Los Angeles.  Currently, I specialize in private Yoga Therapy, both virtually and in-studio.  I teach 5 group classes weekly (virtually) and chair yoga classes for Brookdale and Belmont Assisted Living Centers.  I adore teaching Yoga in Spanish on YouTube and hope to reach more people who do not have access to yoga in other Latin American countries.


Why I Do This

Back pain will no longer be treated through pain pills and surgery.  Discovering your postural distortions earlier will help you find and correct your back pain. You will adopt new lifelong movement patterns through yoga therapy that will uncover your potential to thrive once more.

What you gain from our one to ones, you will not find in a group yoga class or even in private yoga.  What you learn from me comes from yoga therapy, postural neurology training, movement therapy, and my life experiences.

Why I Do This

While I am grateful for medical practitioners to help us in emergency situations, I believe we rely too much on the system for our wellness.  We have learned to detach ourselves from our bodies. We spend too much time in our heads.  And yet, we have the power to heal ourselves in many cases.  I will empower you to listen to your body and learn from your body how to correct many of your physical and emotional grievances.

I have a dream that wellness visits to your doctor will replace the many visits you currently do for chronic back;  that you will learn from your body how to correct many of your physical and emotional grievances; that you will give yourself quiet time to embrace and accept your emotional pain; and that your personal mindfulness practice will go with you through the day, helping you transition into a peaceful night’s rest.

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