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Say Goodbye To Back Pain With Yoga Therapy

We suffer pain whenever the brain thinks we are in danger, even when the risk of danger has passed. What if you could transform which inputs travel to your brain?

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Yoga Lakeway Studio: A Unique therapeutic Approach

What if proper posture, breath control, and the guidance of an experienced yoga therapist could reduce redundant threats perceived by your brain? Say goodbye to chronic back pain.  Yoga therapy works on the physical and emotional levels of pain perception because your brain cannot decipher the difference between the two. Visit me at my yoga therapy studio in Lakeway Texas.

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"I didn't realize how tight my muscles were. After visiting Dayna, I'm now able get off the floor!" - Graham Ware

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Do You Suffer From Any Of The Following Symptoms?

Chronic Back Pain

Chronic pain literally changes your life in a negative way because it changes your brain. You may develop abnormal movement patterns, emotional distress, and a weak core by "guarding" against perceived threats. Pain may be dull, hard to pin point, or radiate down your leg.

Back Injuries

Back pain is more common in bodies that are not physically fit.  As we approach the age of 30 to 50, our spines lose elasticity. A sedentary desk job puts you at high risk for an acute back injury. A simple twist can spiral into a ruptured disc.  Any acute back injury may lead to trouble sleeping, trouble concentrating, low energy, missed work, and a feeling of helplessness.


Scoliosis is an abnormal curvature of the spine. Interestingly, it usually doesn't cause pain until later in life. The spine begins to compensate over time, leading to pressure on the hips, knees, and feet. In later years, scoliosis can stress your internal organs because of disc compression on one side. In yoga therapy, we strengthen one side and stretch the other, depending on your unique curve. You will learn to constantly correct your posture and will find yourself growing stronger everyday.

Who is yoga therapy for?

Yoga Lakeway therapy is highly beneficial and effective for those who:

  • Feel too old for their age and suffer from aches and pains due to bad posture and life events.

  • Feel defeated, frustrated, ugly, and dependent on others

  • Move slowly with low energy and spend too much time in doctors’ offices, searching for the next drug or surgery that can fix their problem

Additionally, you may also find yoga therapy to be effective if you suffer from the following symptons:

  • Chronic back pain

  • Scoliosis

  • Postural distortions

  • Kyphosis

  • Herniated disk

  • Stenosis

  • Sciatica

  • and more

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Who is Dayna? (Yoga Lakeway therapist)

Dayna Culwell is very familiar with chronic pain because she lives with scoliosis and disc degeneration. After decades in pharmaceutical sales, only yoga brought her to a path of healing, without the help of drugs or surgery.  Dayna received the highest possible certification within the yoga community in order to help men and women who may suffer scoliosis like her, or some other type of back pain.  

She is certified with the International Association of Yoga Therapists, with over 1,000 hours of formal training.  She continues to study neurology, posture, and movement therapy in order to help her clients find relief of back pain in her yoga Lakeway studio.  Dayna and her husband Bill live in the Lake Travis area and are very active in the local community.  

Dayna sings and plays guitar at the Emmaus Catholic Church and is involved with the Lake Travis Chamber of Commerce.  When not helping others with pain, she enjoys running with her dog, sailing, and water skiing on Lake Travis.  She has lived in the Austin area for 30 years, and was raised in Corpus Christi, TX along with her sister Debra Watson, a professional blues singer, and her 3 brothers.


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  • 10 One-hour Private sessions in Dayna’s beautiful personal studio with Hill country views
  • Each session caters to your unique situation and your unique goals
  • Introductory session (1 ½ hours) includes:

    - Full assessment
    - planning session
    - short movement section
  • Easy access online sessions through your Yogamate personal portal
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Everything in
bronze +

  • 10 one-hour-15-minute Private sessions
  • Option for sessions at your location (within the boundaries of Bee Cave to Steiner Ranch)
  • Silver introductory session (1 ½ hours) also includes:
    1. full assessment using the Posture Pro Analysis Grid
    2. an online quiz to determine your Postural Archetype
    3. Your own take-home posture plan with full color images demonstrating exercises for Your Postural Archetype
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Everything in
bronze & silver +

  • Bi-weekly one-hour Private sessions for the first month of your program
  • Weekly one-hour 15-minute Private sessions for two additional weeks
  • Weekly text or email nutritional and posture tips for maximum vitality
  • Special goody bag with samples of all plant-based Juice Plus protein bars, Juice Plus protein shakes, and Juice Plus vegetable and fruit chews
  • Additional opportunity for your child or grandchild to receive Juice Plus chews free for up to 4 years or as long as you purchase Juice Plus chews

What does a session with Yoga Lakeway with Dayna look like?

Your first Yoga Lakeway session with your Therapist will last 75 minutes. During the first 30 minutes of the session, your Therapist will conduct a thorough intake, which will include: the reason for your visit; your health and wellness goals; as well as an inquiry into your medical history, lifestyle, and habits. The Therapist(s) will then confer for about ten minutes as they create a plan of care together. The following 30­35 minutes may include a short yoga practice, some breathing, mindfulness or meditation exercises, and a discussion of lifestyle or habit changes.

What happens after my appointment?

Your Yoga Lakeway Therapist may recommend that you come back to the Clinic for follow up visits. Together, you can determine the number and frequency of repeat visits.

Have another question?

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All sessions must be used within 3 months of purchase in order to gain maximum results. All sessions require a 24 hour cancellation notice except for sudden illness. That helps me serve more clients more efficiently.*

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Reviews & Testimonials

"I began learning from Dayna in my home since 2015. Main goal? To learn practical exercises, movements, and stretches that would address my mid/lower back pain. I have met wit Dayna weekly and I believe her techniques are professional choices that "aim" directly at back pain. Her presence has helped me to focus, relax, breathe, and concentrate in different ways to help my body and mind achieve better health overall."

- Kat Young

Dayna is very committed to her clients, & is continually learning, & has been very helpful in finding additional resources for me. In 2004, I suffered a brainstem stroke, leaving me in a wheelchair, only able to move my head & right arm. I am also in the process of re-learning to speak. I. would get lost in a large class, & I would need to have someone attend with me. But private sessions allow Dayna to help me, & adjust things to me specifically.

- Jenny Lynn

I never could have imagined all I would gain from your yoga classes, but I’ll highlight a few of the many benefits. The first being the opportunity of meeting and being guided by you. You’ve taught me how to pack away the day and start fresh with each session. While it continues to be a work in progress, you’ve shown me how to move energy through breath and body work.

- Carol

Dayna has been working with my mother's extensive physical limitations for well over a year. Not only has Daynas' work contributed to my mother staying pain free but she has helped my mother's mental state with her calming strategies. Dayna is very knowledgeable, experienced, cheerful, loyal, and patient. I value her work ethic and dependability. Dayna has been the bright light during these difficult years in caring for my mother

- Valerie Allen

Hi Dayna! Thank you so very much for an amazing yoga session this past week at our office! My GI system afterwards was so happy and I had one of the best nights sleep in at least a few wks! I wish everyone realized, and experienced, the full body benefits to what you do!

- Theresa Hernandez

I just want to tell you how much i love your class! For at least 2 days after last week’s class, i was just enjoying how great my back felt..

- Holly Brown, at Balance Yoga Lakeway
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