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Will you be haunting this Halloween?

Hi everybody, It looks like we are in for some true Fall weather this week. Hopefully rain will accompany the cooler temperatures. Last week seemed to go roaring by; life is never dull! I am so grateful for all of our Yoga by Dayna students. I’ve been working with some of you for years but I also continue to meet new clients through word-of-mouth. This is the best kind of referral anyone could want. As our bodies age, more challenges will pop up, often when we least expect it. The changes are certainly inconvenient and we must have tools to manage how

we feel in our ever changing bodies. We need tools that can help us accept the new changing body and be at peace with it. Please continue to invest in your own precious self. Continue to find new ways to keep exercise fun and refreshing. And invite others! You’ll have more fun with company and you just may save someone’s life from becoming a couch potato.

This week will be our last week on MindBody. I am looking forward to using a simpler platform. Zoom has kept us going all through Covid so I plan to stay with it. Most every announcement will be sent to you via email. If you haven’t been to class in at least 6 months, eventually you will fall off my VIP list and no longer receive my blogs. Thank you to those of you who persevere. I am just as passionate now as I was in 2013 when I was just getting started.

So, do you plan to dress up for Halloween this year? You need not have an event to go to. Do it for YOU. My favorite part of dressing up has become the idea of wearing a wig. It can transform your whole persona. I invite you to share your Halloween costume pics with me for the blog coming up in two weeks.

Learnings from this week

This past weekend, Bill and I headed to Dallas for his 45th year SAE reunion at SMU. For those of you like me who did NOT attend a university with nationally affiliated sororities and fraternities, it can be a big shock. Relationships that started 45 years ago are still going strong. I believe the frats and sororities play a good part in that role. At Trinity University, we had local frats and sororities, but the bonds aren’t lasting. In addition, many of my alumni colleagues live outside of Texas.

Get together reunion

At first, I was feeling skittish about meeting and trying to REMEMBER all of the names and faces from 5 years ago. A quote from Mary Oliver that I received early Friday encouraged me to go for it with an open heart and an open mind. Here’s her quote.

I had so much fun watching Bill with his fellow “brothers” and “little sisters”. Bill was quite popular back then and obviously was a big Hell raiser. Everyone seemed so happy to see him. It could have been rather intimidating to be on the outskirts of all this excitement. I chose to see it differently. I chose to meet each person I was introduced to with curiosity, gratitude and focus (on them). I faithfully introduced myself as “I’m the wife of that crazy one over there”. Many asked me, “Dayna, how do you handle Bill?” to which I very honestly say “If I had met Bill during his college years, I would have RUN… the other way. God decided to wait a very long time before putting us together.” As the crazy ones age, they could go either way. They could drive themselves into poor health from too much of everything fun. However, and my brothers have taught me this, they can also settle down a bit, still be a hoot, but be manageable. That’s how Bill and I do so well together. He only gets “in trouble” every so often.

Back to the amazing people I met. It’s so very easy to judge, classify, or label people into groups when we first know them. Instead, I asked them every question I could think of to get them to open up about who they are, what is the relationship between the person and Bill, where they live, what they do, and what makes them happy. There was even one lady that went to school with Bill, but he didn’t know her. Somehow the conversation went to talking about dogs. Soon after, she was showing many pictures of her new puppy: a Wheaton terrier/Poodle combination! You had Peaches, our very blonde grandpuppy, mixed in with a black poodle. It actually looked like our former dog, Sao Paulo! I laughed because black dogs are hard to photograph. You can’t see their eyes. The pics won my heart and reminded me that I need a dog for Christmas!!

Saturday’s big game day

So, early Saturday, the tailgating parties begin. Mind you, this was completely foreign to me. Thank you Christina Cole for giving me a heads up! It was amazing! More and more friends appeared and they all knew Bill. I could see his spirit soaring with love and good memories. We all walked over to the SMU game and got to hang out with the group in box seats. This was incredibly amazing! I never had to endure heat or sunburn! We lost, but I feel like I had gained new friendships. Simply watching the game taught me so much, thanks to the wives of Bill’s brothers. I even met great folks who Bill did NOT know. In spite of politics trying to divide our country, it seemed like everyone I met this weekend was happy to connect.

Did we ever approach the topic of politics? No, it wasn’t necessary to know. There is so much more to a person than who they choose to vote for. My role, in this situation, was not to judge. It was to participate and learn. This is one of Yoga’s most basic Sutras, that of knowing what our true role is in any situation. Sometimes our role is to educate. Sometimes our role is to listen and absorb without judgment.

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MONDAY makes me smile

8 a.m. Thank you Carol & Chris

9:15 a.m. Thank you Judy and Andy

10:30 a.m. Welcome home from Spain Christine!

12 p.m. Delicious Deep Stretch

2 p.m. Thank you Dan (& Charlotte)


TUESDAY totally rocks


10:30 a.m. Thank you Brookdale Living

12 p.m. Perfect Posture Yoga

1:15 p.m. Welcome back Jocelyn

4:30 p.m. Thank you Susan and Paula

5:45 p.m. Thank you Christopher and Michelle


9 a.m. Thank you Chris & Carol

10:30 p.m. Thank you Jenny

12:15 p.m. Delicious Deep Stretch


3:15 p.m. Thank you Brookdale Clare bridge


THURSDAY thrives

9 a.m. Welcome Christina!

10:30 am Welcome Belmont!

12 p.m. Perfect Posture Yoga

1:30 p.m. Off to work on Vino Vida B&B in Fredericksburg.

Booking site is:

FRIDAY freedom

8:30 a.m. Welcome Paula and Susan!

9:45 a.m. Perfect Posture Yoga (reminder, next Friday’s class will be 50/50 and will start at 10 a.m. This new class will satisfy almost everyone’s need of strength training and deep stretching).

I appreciate you!! Dayna

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