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Reducing the Fear Monger Amongst us

We share in our anger

It’s alway so good to hear from you, my beloved clients and students (even if it’s been awhile). I would like to share today something very important and personal. I have a unique advantage in my life in that my clients (students) feel safe to share with me their very personal frustrations of mental and physical pain. I promise you that our conversations go nowhere else and I’ll explain why a bit later. Please realize that we are so not alone in the "weird" problems we have. I see clients from age 40 to age 80, and feel completely blessed to do so. The mental anguish, the sleep issues, the very real world stories of homes being sold out from under us, the very strange diagnoses we receive from physicians we don't know to trust or not, body parts that go numb or burn like fire, bathroom issues that embarrass us from having a relationship, things we used to be able to do and no longer can enjoy because of .... . Oh yes, it goes on and on.

We share in our joy

I am honored in being able to keep a safe space for throat chakras that need and deserve to be heard. My students teach me that ALL of our complaints are valid. None of us are being whiney or sissies. Life is tough and often crappy. How does one maintain empathy without letting oneself get reeled in? Some days I take a very long slow walk between clients to "walk it off” and refresh for the next. Once again, for this opportunity, not only am I grateful, I would be so sad to have it any other way. This is what I was born to do. This I am sure of. Very few things in life can we be sure of.

What gets us through “the crap” are the times such as when we are at a beautiful place together with pleasant people, feeling warmth, listening to some good ol' rock n roll (or whatever gets your goat), and sharing goofy stories. Those very few moments erase all the other stuff, at least for a while.

We honor our fears

I think what really messes us UP is the FEAR of what may or may not come next. How much WORSE will it get? I am extremely fearful of my facial and scalp skin cancers tearing up my appearance and possibly preventing me from enjoying future fun scuba/yoga trips, water skiing, sailing, running, walking, or just plain sitting on the deck at the beach house. These fears (True, you just heard ALL mine in one sentence) may seem unnecessary, but they also make us human.

We treasure our connections

I'd like to propose that it is better (and safer) to divulge some of our deeper worries among safe connections. These connections could refer to friends, certain family, or even special groups on the internet who share similar worries. We can find a safe sounding board for each other. Putting it on paper and being heard somehow lessens the FEAR MONGER. Funny, growing up in a smallish town like Corpus Christi, I remember that everybody knew everybody’s business. That can be detrimental at times. I’d love to create a safety net within our yoga group. How can we do that and protect our privacy? I am asking for suggestions, because I feel it is necessary. It is a special gift we have in our throat chakra. How can we better support one another without getting in over our heads?

We provide a safe place for one another

My Yoga Therapy training prepares us for exactly this ability, to create a safe place to share, grow, and move on. We Yoga Therapists have also been trained to know when You may need a different professional to help you move forward. You are what drives me to continue my studies in every area that can be beneficial to YOU and to those who are important to you.

So, please, keep sharing. It's healthy. I love being able to listen and love in return. Perhaps you have a gift that you’d like to share with your fellow yogis. Spill the beans!!

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