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  • Dayna Culwell

Learning how to love

“I wonder if the day will ever come when History collides with Hope and Love wins?”

This is a quote from Sanjaygawa and The Yak Whisperer, by Rebecca Braden and beautiful watercolors by Chloe Shaw Hallowell. A dear yogi and student of mine, Carol Sapstead, shared this book with me. I immediately found it comforting. It’s one of those books that is simple enough for children and deep enough for adults. I already want to purchase one for my granddaughter who is 5.

What did you do this weekend?

This Friday and Saturday we headed out to Fredericksburg, but this time, it was for a whole different reason. We attended a Marital Conference! This has been something on our “good intentions” list for 6 years. So, it’s now a few months before our 7th year anniversary and off we went! We found out about the conference through the daily newspaper and through an old friend of my brother John. The conference speaker was Gary Chapman who is the author of Sacred Marriage. John Watson, my brother, who used to live in Fredericksburg with his wife Grace and 3 kids, got to know John Willobee very well. Mr. Willobee knows everyone in town and is a crucial leader at the Good Samaritan Ministry. He is the one who recruited Gary Chapman, author of Sacred Marriage. They invited anyone and everyone to attend. Super easy.

The Big Picture

So, I’d like to highlight a few brilliant learnings from the quick, 6-hour conference. I’ll tell you this first. We left with a deeper motivation to be good to each other. We also felt uplifted and ready to invest in growing our marriage for the future. Gary shared personal stories, stories from other couples he’d ministered to, biblical quotes, and science backed information to support everything he said.

First things first. We ALL stumble in many ways. ALL of us. Expecting anything different is a recipe for disaster. In fact, marriage is the perfect petri dish to learn HOW to love the way God wants us to love. We must learn “heart-to” love in order to learn “how-to” love.

Marriage brings us a challenge and a purpose.

Even when we are in the midst of difficulties within the marriage, the marriage itself serves purpose. What if we look at our spouse as God’s son or daughter. Goodness knows, children can be difficult. But what if we continued to love our spouse as God loves us? The spouse may be going through a moment of stupidity for whatever reason, but God takes notice. He gets it. He rewards us, either here on earth or when we get promoted to the next chapter.

“We all stumble in many ways”. Gary Chapman.

Science research points out that it takes 10-15 years before a marriage reaches a deeper, more intimate, more fulfilling stage. If we cop out before then, are we short changing ourselves? For new relationships, anything less than 8 months together is simply infatuation. This “love” will convert from infatuation soon after. What it converts to is up to you.

So that I don’t get too long winded, please permit me to leave you with this note. Christmas and Hanukkah are still fresh in our minds. Gary says Marriage is more like receiving a Lego set than a Tonka truck.

In order for the marriage to stay fun and fulfilling, we must constantly build and rebuild. We must constantly work to grow in our marriage. We must ask ourselves, Why did I marry this person--to be loved or to love? In marriage, we are given the gift of learning HOW to love. We learn to love as God loves.


This week's schedule is ready to roll. Are you ready to register?

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MONDAY 12 p.m. Delicious Deep Stretch

TUESDAY 12 p.m. Perfect Posture Yoga

WEDNESDAY 12:15 p.m. Delicious Deep Stretch

FRIDAY 10 a.m. Half & Half Yoga

HALF & HALF will satisfy almost everyone’s need for strength training and deep stretching. At 10 a.m., we will be doing standing stretches and warrior poses. At 10:30 a.m. we take a quick water break and then proceed to the floor. Relaxing, restorative poses will follow.

  • In studio & ZOOM

Privates--JANUARY 23-27

MONDAY makes me smile

9:15 a.m. Judy & Andy ZOOM

10:30 a.m. Christine ZOOM

12 p.m. Deep Stretch *

1:30 pm Carol & Chris @ studio

3 p.m. OPEN

TUESDAY totally rocks

9 a.m. Christina @ studio

10:30 a.m. Brookdale Living (there)

12 p.m. Perfect Posture Yoga*

1:30 p.m. OPEN

3 p.m. OPEN

4:30 p.m. Susan and Paula ZOOM

5:45 p.m. Christopher @ studio


9 a.m. Chris & Carol (there)

10:30 p.m. Jenny

12:15 p.m. Deep Stretch *

1:30 p.m. OPEN

3:15 p.m. Brookdale Nursing (there)

THURSDAY thrives

9 a.m. Christina @ studio

10:30 am Belmont! (there)

12 p.m. Perfect Posture Yoga*

1:30 p.m. OPEN

3 p.m. OPEN

FRIDAY flies

8:30 a.m. Paula and Susan

10 a.m. Warriors/Deep Stretch

1 p.m. OPEN

Thank you for your loving spirit. You make my job a wonderful experience every day. LET'S SPREAD THE MESSAGE OF LOVE!

Dayna Culwell, C-IAYT

Owner & Instructor, Yoga by Dayna, 512-914-4870

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